About me


My full name is Farzam Anjum, 21 years old, single and living with my family in Pakistan. I love the outdoors and all kind of sports. Hiking and Football are my biggest passion next to coding and designing. Being outside in nature is the best way to clear my mind and relax. 

I work hard but I don’t ‘hustle’ as I don’t think that’s a healthy mentality. I try to use my phone as less as I can and I’ve disabled all notifications. I don’t like to be connected all the time and be distracted by a device instead of connecting with others or the world outside.

In the past, I’ve coded in a lot of different languages like C, Swift, PHP, Java, C#. I’m currently focusing only on building Python applications and designing 3D graphics. Being able to use Javascript/HTML for both web and desktop is great and I think it will be the standard for desktop apps in the near future. At the moment I work a lot with Electron, ThreeJS, React, VueJS, Tachyons and Webpack. Some of the tools in my toolbelt are Framer, Cinema 4D, Sketch and Visual Studio Code. 

Being able to both design and develop is a lot of fun. When I have an idea, there’s nothing holding me back from building it. I find it very useful when working in teams too.